Future is  not too far: Galaxy S9 vs iPhone 9

No one had ever imagined the most beautiful phone ever created will go down like that. It surely would have been a dream come true for Apple. With the success of Note 7, Samsung was expected to become the biggest manufacturer in the world beating down Apple within 1 year of similar development. This crackdown happened at the peak of Samsung’s business. Samsung fans are still expecting a big comeback and are certain that Samsung will regain their authority over the business.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Concept design for Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung is about to launch their next generation of phone by Feb 2017 or early March 2017. Launch should ideally be only for Samsung Galaxy S8, but looking at what happened to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there are rumors that a next generation of Note 7 might also be released with Galaxy S8. Apple on the other side has just released the iPhone 7 which proved out to be a great success for Apple. Fans are not expecting a new design from Apple soon as the next upcoming iPhone 9 will be the same design with just a few changes to configuration. On the other hand, for Samsung to make up for Galaxy Note 7, they will have to offer something special to convince users to trust the device again. Many on the online channels accept that Note 7 was rated as the most beautiful phone ever made by not one but many phone rating companies.

But since Samsung did not expect this battery fault and did not plan any significant change in the Note 8 design it might be the next generation to get the complete revamp than this generation. Generation next will be the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Note 9. These phone will be released with the iPhone 9 which is also rumored to have a 90% screen to body ratio.  It will be obvious for people to compare the iPhone 9 vs Samsung Galaxy S9.

Comparison between Galaxy S9 and iPhone 9 will surely make the Galaxy S9 win the game as the design for iPhone 9 is said to be on the similar lines of iPhone 7 and 8, however Samsung Galaxy S9 price and design both will be on the side on Galaxy S9 to win.