Grand launch for Xiaomi Mi4i 

Xiaomi released the next from the very well known Mi4 series, its the Xiaomi Mi4i. Xiaomi revealed this phone in India on one of their grand event organised. Xiaomi officials says that this phone is specifically designed for the Indian market keeping in mind an Indian customer. One of the major of those points was a Dual SIM.  Xiaomi had rolled out invites to fans for registration of their event.


Xiaomi Mi4i

They also announced goodie bags for the initial 800 registrations. The place where the event was planned to happen was itself of a capacity of 2500, so fans were very curious for the the entry ticket and to witness the first Globle Xiaomi event happening in India.

Xiaomi this time has courses of action to offer the telephone through various online dealers not at all like before when they were putting forth their telephones through one specific online merchant. With this Xiaomi is in like manner needing to offer through retail outlets, this is also not under any condition like before when Xiaomi was simply offering through online stores.


Xiaomi Mi4i Price

Xiaomi Mi4i is priced at 199 USD. Xiaomi has always kept the pricing to be one the most lucrative aspect of their all product range. So we expect Xiaomi to launch this new device as well with the same price range.

Xiaomi Mi4i Specs

Operating System: Android Lollipop with MiUi 6

Processor: ARM Qualcomm, 1.65Ghz with 8 cores


Battery: 3120 mAh with extra fast charging

Camera: 13 MP with 5 element lens (wide angle and beautification mode)

Display: JDI, 5 inch 1920 x 1080

Memory: 16 GB standard inbuilt

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18 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi4i

  1. This fone is awesome if we look toward price and camera all features are awesome..but this fone has heating problem…sir please what i do for heating problem…need your reply

  2. Bought Mi4i before two days for 13k. It is one of the worst phone in world.
    I am unable to use the phone more than ten mins due to heat problem.
    If you are using camera around 5 mins, you cant hold this phone near ear (that much heat you can sense. I am wondering how your team allowed this product for sales).
    so not going to suggest any product from MI

  3. mi4i jdi displye super

    camara verye interesting
    but im big fan of mi4i
    mi4i handset slimer super
    sunlight displeye i like

    amoled displey no i like ogs displey
    mi4i dailey intrest

    mi4i handset no1

    mi4i all perpamence ilike

  4. My friend bought one, and broke the display panel in the first week (from a 1 foot drop). Need to change the display, but spare parts not available in India! Xiaomi is not gonna last long in India with such pathetic service.

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  6. Sir, Basic set up guide is not given.Secondly You give MI Band at Rs,1on net but do not offer the same to first customers.

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