Xiaomi launches Xiaomi Mi4s with Xiaomi Mi5
24 Feb

Xiaomi launches Xiaomi Mi4s with Xiaomi Mi5

Xiaomi today with Mi5 also announced Xiaomi Mi4s which is kind of a successor to the previous Xiaomi Mi4i. Phone looks like something in between the Xiaomi Mi4 and Mi5.

It is blazed with a glass panel both on the front, and the metal frame over that gives it an amazing  premium feel. Xiaomi Mi4s screen is a 5 inch 1920×1080 display. Complete phone dimensions is around 139x70x7.8 it weights 133g which is 14g lighter than iPhone 6s.

Xiaomi Mi4s

Phone is embraced with 3 GB RAM and Snapdragon 808 processor. One exception that Xiaomi has tried to bring this time is that, there is no 16 GB or 32 GB version, Xiaomi Mi4s is straight 64GB and over that it also has a microSD slot.

Rear phone camera is whopping 13 MP with LED flash of two tones. Fingerprint sensor is crafted on the rear below the camera.

Xiaomi Mi4s gold

The 16 GB version of Xiaomi Mi4s costs 260 USD, which is around 16,000 INR and  1688 RMB. Battery is also big enough to hold you for the whole day with a 3260 mAh power backup.

Phone is available in four colors Black, White, Gold and Pink.

Will you buy this phone ?

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44 thoughts on “Xiaomi launches Xiaomi Mi4s with Xiaomi Mi5

  1. Plz don’t see end of us xiaomi lover …
    Confirm the date launch in India …..to grap it …..I’m to eegar about mi 5

  2. All my friends have buy new smart phones.but I can’t think about another phone. because I am a mad fan of xiaomi.please make fast…..

  3. when mi5 will be available in India and what will be the price tag for it….
    ….plz launch mi5 as early as possible im so existed about it ..

  4. I will surely buy this phone as it is a most-awaited phone in the market with awesome look and specs. i am waiting for the release.

  5. Ofcourse YES! This is is common ma’s apple, or perhaps apple+. When the whole world makes it a ‘technolution’ (Technology Revolution), one should not spend too much on any electronic gadgets since the features are changed every day and new products are emerged every instance. So stick on an affordable cost and buy Mi…

    • Ofcourse YES! Common man’s apple. When ‘technolution’ (Technology Revolution) creates new features every instance, we must stick on to gadgets with decent and affordable cost with rich features. So stick on an affordable cost and buy Mi…

  6. Hi..YES…defenitely yes…But the pricing of mi4s has been written on confusing grounds. First it says no 16 Gb/32 Gb ROM…Only 64 Gb..It is acceptable. But when it comes to mentioning price it says 16 Gb?

    Let me know when it start sales in India..



  7. Mi5 when will be available in India. Instead of making the people wait company should come out with its clear policy as to its availability in India and its price etc.

  8. xiaomi mi4s is a good phone, nice shape and a very good design. good look and good feel.
    I like xiaomi mi4 more than mi5 because the first impression is very good.

  9. Will I be able to buy an unlocked Xioami, when I visit my wife’s relatives in China. I am going to buy a Xioami 10″ mi pad and 2 phones when I’m there

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