Its not Mi5 alone, Xiaomi Mi5 Plus is also coming !!


Well if you awaiting for the Xiaomi Mi5 to launch, then hold your breath. Xiaomi will never deliver to the level of what you are thinking on, rather they will have much more. Xiaomi is also working on designing a Xiaomi Mi5’s brother as well, the Xiaomi Mi5 Plus. Mi5 Plus will be based on the same firmware as of Xiaomi Mi5 with a bigger screen and battery.

For Xiaomi Mi5 configuration and details click below:

Xiaomi Mi5

With the best move that Apple played with the iPhone 6 is releasing the iPhone 6 itself in 2 screen sizes. That kept the trust and reliability of an iPhone with covering both the segments of the users, one who love small screens and doesn’t want to carry the bulk in their pocket, the others are those who are obsessed with big phone screens.


Xiaomi Mi5 Plus

Xiaomi mi5 Plus

Xiaomi is also planning the same successful strategy as adopted by Apple which is already proven in the market. Xiaomi Mi5 Plus will be launched with Xiaomi Mi5 for the users who want a bigger screen. Both of these phones will be priced similar, yes you heard it right !! Both of these phones will be of the same price, you can pick whichever you choose. Xiaomi is also planning hard to meet up to the market demands this time as the only thing that stopped Xiaomi to sell phones more than Apple was their production limitation. To read about Xiaomi Mi6 click here.

What would you prefer Xiaomi Mi5 or Xiaomi Mi5 Plus ?

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228 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi5 Plus

  1. When can we buy it ? Have friends who are travelling to China next week and would like to bring this wonderful piece ft technology with them 2 weeks later, possible ??
    JUST SAY YES ;o)

  2. confused between both mi5 and 5+…..will decide after the launch….but after how many days of launch it will start shipping in india??
    please tell us…..waiting eagerly for these phones….

  3. I like Mi5 plus Battery should have been 4000mahas Lenovo vibeM1,Storage 256mblike Asus,Front Stereo Speakers wth Dolby Digital like Htc Boom Sound,Amolead Display above 500 ppi as Samsung Note 4

  4. Your Xiaomi5 and 5 plus have amazing features. Make them reliable, high quality. You can beat everybody and stay on top on the phone market. You could be the future if you maintain your high quality forever.
    Are you going to launch 5+ in USA and date?

  5. Wanna like to buy mi5 plus obviously as already using note4. I think the company should announce online launch and sale before Nov starts….awaiting egarly for mi5 plus……

  6. Hi, the sooner it is released, the sooner I can zero in on a mobile that I can buy for this diwali. My present phone display has gone and what a better time to change phone after a long wait for a flagship phone. Eagerly waiting for the release.

  7. Why is it that the worrds best city Dubai UAE has no proper exposure to the devise like Xiamoi?
    We dont know who is main dealer.
    We dont know where to go to see thses amazing set. Indeed very disappointing.
    I m waiting Xiaomi 5 PLUS for long time. Pls advise.

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