Its not Mi5 alone, Xiaomi Mi5 Plus is also coming !!


Well if you awaiting for the Xiaomi Mi5 to launch, then hold your breath. Xiaomi will never deliver to the level of what you are thinking on, rather they will have much more. Xiaomi is also working on designing a Xiaomi Mi5’s brother as well, the Xiaomi Mi5 Plus. Mi5 Plus will be based on the same firmware as of Xiaomi Mi5 with a bigger screen and battery.

For Xiaomi Mi5 configuration and details click below:

Xiaomi Mi5

With the best move that Apple played with the iPhone 6 is releasing the iPhone 6 itself in 2 screen sizes. That kept the trust and reliability of an iPhone with covering both the segments of the users, one who love small screens and doesn’t want to carry the bulk in their pocket, the others are those who are obsessed with big phone screens.


Xiaomi Mi5 Plus

Xiaomi mi5 Plus

Xiaomi is also planning the same successful strategy as adopted by Apple which is already proven in the market. Xiaomi Mi5 Plus will be launched with Xiaomi Mi5 for the users who want a bigger screen. Both of these phones will be priced similar, yes you heard it right !! Both of these phones will be of the same price, you can pick whichever you choose. Xiaomi is also planning hard to meet up to the market demands this time as the only thing that stopped Xiaomi to sell phones more than Apple was their production limitation. To read about Xiaomi Mi6 click here.

What would you prefer Xiaomi Mi5 or Xiaomi Mi5 Plus ?

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228 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi5 Plus

  1. Hi! I preferre plus model with a bigger screen! Don’t understand why producers like Xiaomi don’t make Phones with bigger battery than it will be in plus model. Most People want a bigger battery. It wouldn’t matter If mobile Phone is maybe a little thicker then since it would hold much longera for people who use it a lot. It would still keep Nice design. Really like The good filmare of Xiaomi since it is on The top in The world of producers.

  2. I will be buying Mi 5 plus with bigger screen ! please clarify also whether this will be with andriod marshmellow ? i already own & have Mi 4i excellent phone but screen size is small !

  3. I would like to buy mi5 plus. could you please tell me when/where/how to buy it, one of my friend will be in china at the end of February.

  4. I would like to buy mi5 plus with 4GB RAM and 128GB in memory. Please notify me when/where/how to purchase, one of my friend will be in china at the end of February.

  5. I would like to have an experience of MI5Plus. I am looking for 64 GB, More than 3GB RAM and Full HD view with 4G enable instrument. My friends have given very good feedback of MI4, so I am open to the latest model from Xiaomi.

  6. I think it brings a revolution in mobile market. I want to but mi5 plus cause it has a large screen that it fruitful to me for browsing, seeing movie, typing and many more………… I am waiting and hope its success…..

  7. Waiting eagerly for xiaomi Mi5 Plus
    Already using Xiaomi. Redme 1S Mi3 16gb. Mi3 64gb. Mi4 16gb. Mi4 64 GB
    Fully satisfied with all the products


  8. I will certainly prefer Mi 5 Plus. It has higher RAM, ROM and good processor quality and speed, besides having large screen size, fingerprint scanner, good camera and good battery with c-type fast charging.

  9. would like to mi5 plus with 4GB RAM and 128GB in memory. but i am interestd in dual sim with same features so please —————-

  10. I would like to buy mi5 plus with 4GB RAM and 128GB in memory. Please notify me when/where/how to purchase in US! Please also let me know the service strategy in US? thanks.

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