Xiaomi Mi5 Price Tag: No one can beat Xiaomi here


Money is undoubtedly the deciding criteria for a lot of buyers and Xiaomi seems to be impressing their customers with this criteria by now, hopefully the new Xiaomi Mi5 also amaze its customers and its competitors.

Xiaomi Mi5 Price

Xiaomi Mi5 price in China: 1999 RMB

Xiaomi Mi5 price in India : 24,500 Rs

Xiaomi Mi5 price in UK : 250£

Xiaomi Mi5 price in US : $399

Xiaomi Mi5 price in Russia : 25000 Ruble

Xiaomi Mi5 price in HongKong : 3000 HKD

Xiaomi Mi5 price in Malaysia : 1500 MYR

Xiaomi Mi5 price in Indonesia : 5300000 Indonesian Rupiah

Xiaomi Mi5 price in Singapore : 550 Singapore Dollar

Xiaomi Mi5 price in Europe (Russia, Germany, Turkey, Italy, France, Romania and few others): 400 Euro



Who can compete with Xiaomi Mi5 Price in the mobile wars ?


Xiaomi actually doesn’t have a competition when it comes to pricing, this is where Apple and Samsung can’t think of competing with Xiaomi. With everything made in-house and being a China based company. Xiaomi enjoys the luxury of cheap manufacturing costs for all their products be it their MiPad, RedMi Note or any other product.

Above that, all the quality that Xiaomi has to offer in this price range is unbeatable. Hugo Barra the X-Vice President Google and now Vice President Xiaomi has mentioned in his recent interviews that this time Xiaomi is looking at launching their products in the western markets as well, with a clear reference of US and some European countries the western fans are also awaiting the device eagerly.

Xiaomi Mi5 price in US and these other European countries is expected to be around $399 which is very competitive as per the market in the west. There have been rumours that <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lei_Jun” rel=”nofollow”>Lei Jun</a> founder of Xiaomi planned the hiring of Hugo Barra for streamlining Xiaomi’s entry into the  western markets. With prior experience of being the spokesperson at Google for the Android devices and managing Google’s marketing strategy, he is the right man who can do this really well for Xiaomi.


To know more about the specifications of the device Click Here

112 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi5 Price

  1. i am interested to buy your upcoming MI5 plus phone as i have seen the camera quality of your previous model so please inform me where ever it will be launched i want to buy it as earliest

  2. i am genuinely interested to buy your upcoming MI5 plus phone as i have seen the camera quality of your previous model so please inform me where ever it will be launched i want to buy it as earliest

  3. I want to purchase Xioami mi5 if the price is less than Rs. 22,000/- if it is having Gorilla Glass 3, F M radio, a good battery, Black colour, with HD.

  4. I m from india – mumbai – thane pin is 400 610. I want this phone . when will get.
    I read speces very nice phone and I ready to book this phone

  5. With mobile phones selling like daily breakfast breads price is factor as every one switches to new choices.here xiomi offers that deal with great zeal to have updated versions previous ones..

  6. I am a temporary resident of Shanghai, China. May I use Mi5 phone if I buy it now (after its availability) in China? Will it work with indian sim card? Please reply.

  7. Is really gr8 news to hear that Xiaomi is going to launch new model Phone MI5 this year 2015. I think this would be Octa-core/4G LTE/DDR3. And price of this should be around Rs. 10000/ – 12000/. Which month this model will be launched in India. Again through Flipkart we have to purchase or any retail mobile shop in India?

  8. I’m also interested in the US release – I heard a good review of the phone by Greg Harper on NPR last night – where and when can I get it?

  9. Hi Tansri,

    This phone should cost around 3587000 Indonesian Rupiah. We are expecting the launch in March 2015.
    Currently there is Xiaomi Mi4 available in the market which is also a great phone.

  10. Well I completely agree with you that none can beat Xiaomi when it comes to pricing. Anyways do you have an idea on how much would this device cost in Mexico ?

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