In your Calendars: Mark the Xiaomi Mi5 Release Date


Xiaomi Mi5 revealed on 24 February, 2016 with its small brother Xiaomi Mi4s. Xiaomi is basically a Chinese company that deals with electronic products and has been in to the business of smart phones since the year 2011. It launched its first smart phone in the August of 2011 and has been the fourth largest company that deals with the manufacturing of smart phones and its other accessories. The headquarters of the xiaomi smart phone company is situated in Beijing, a state in China. Xiaomi have been launching its new models for the Mi series since years now and the next model under this series is the Xiaomi Mi5 which was first leaked to be released in the year 2015 but later the release date was post ponded as the company wanted to make some severe changes in the operating system and the model itself. The new release date of Xiaomi Mi5 is expected to be in the third week of February 2016. The Xiaomi Mi5 was actually delayed as the QUALCOMM wished to install the snapdragon 820 chip in it making it the best phone till date.

Mi5 was rumoured to launch in Jan, 2016. Xiaomi will most probably reveal the device in China Annual Technology Conference followed by the launch in other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, US, India and Indonesia.

Lets have a detailed look at Xiaomi Mi5 release date.

Xiaomi Mi 5 release date in China -February 24, 2016

Xiaomi Mi 5 release date in Thailand -February 28, 2016

Xiaomi Mi 5 release date in Singapore -February 26, 2016

Xiaomi Mi 5 release date in India -February 26, 2016

Xiaomi Mi 5 release date in Indonesia – February 26, 2016

Xiaomi Mi 5 release date in Malaysia -February 26, 2016


Few new countries which might enjoy the launch of this amazing device this time, Xiaomi Mi5 release date for these countries is expected as:

Xiaomi Mi 5 release date in Spain – March 08, 2016

Xiaomi Mi 5 release date in US – February 28, 2016

Xiaomi Mi 5 release date in Germany – February 28, 2016

Xiaomi Mi 5 release date in UK – February 28, 2016


How Xiaomi is preparing for the launch in these new countries ?

This time Xiaomi is arranging the dispatch in nations where they never propelled their gadgets like Australia, US, UK Germany and numerous more nations. Xiaomi Mi5 discharge date in these nations is normal in the month of November 2015. The world today is excitedly anticipating for the Xiaomi next telephone. They have made an alternate market through and through with their such focused valuing and quality. A definitive achievement of their past telephones like Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi4 have given them enough bravery to snarl on the planet and make them known not western markets.

Researchers say that if Xiaomi makes an entrance to the western markets then it actually is a huge problem for the current market rulers  i.e. Apple and Samsung because it will not be possible for them to offer price range as that of Xiaomi. But the fans are just awaiting the Xiaomi devices to launch in their local markets. The latest hiring of the Google VP Hugo Barra makes it very clear that Xiaomi is planning a strong entry into these markets, with the major market players as Apple and Samsung , Xiaomi has to make a confident entry.

However, according to the recent news by the company, Xiaomi Mi5 has been registered to enter in to mass production so that the number of models can cope up with the demands of the customer who are already looking forward to buy the phone as soon as it hits the market and is found in the shelves of the mobile stores. There are various specifications that have been installed in the Xiaomi Mi5 model that would woo the people towards itself and give people a reason to crave for the phone. The great looks and sleek model is one reason that would make people go for the latest phone as it would provide a classy and trendy look to the owner’s personality. The price of the Xiaomi Mi5 would depend upon the size of the internal memory that the buyer would decide on. It would be available with 16GB or 64GB of internal memory.

Their are companies providing phone imports to the countries where it is not available but no warranties in their countries make the customers a bit hesitant on buying the device. So this launch might also bring in some happiness for the people out there.

To check out the specifications of Xiaomi Mi5 Click Here

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218 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi5 Release Date

  1. How much do you think the price will be?
    Xiaomi is selling Mi Note 64GB at $400 now, and the specs is much lower than Mi5. I’m afraid Mi5 will be a lot more expensive than $400.

    • Abdulski,
      you importski die phoneski in pakistanski ist impossible.
      die pakistanie do not understandski how to use die phoneski

  2. The wait is because of the release of snapdragon 820, if its launch is done then we will have concrete news on MI 5 & plus release dates. The plus point in the mob is new processor. Hope MI start making its own chipset, like Huawei Kirin, Samsung Exynos, nVidia tegra.

    I wish if MI make mob with new Exynos 8000 series, which supposed to be the best proc in the market.

  3. i think they just have finalized the name of the phone.. its been all year since have been changing dates of launch.. actually, there is nothing at all ready called Mi5..that seems to be Mission impossible for them..shall we come back in 2050 to see if mi5 is launched… whose gonna wait…. i will go with iphone 6..

  4. It sure mi5 will be real flagship killer but resently launched redmi note 3 is also budget flagship killer they all ready launched in china but i’m qurious when will they launch it in india. And are they going to launch or not. Confused but eager.

  5. This is disgusting. The way they change the launch dates is a characteristic of Chinese company. They have been befooling their potential customer world wide on the topice of the launch of their flagship mi 5. I don’t know what to expect in terms of quality and performance.

    • xiaomi befooling us…they think that we are fools who are waiting mi 5…..they regularly changed the launching date..but i can’t wait for it….tommaror i will purchase iphone 6s…it also have nic specifications.

  6. Yeah… Fantastic… Mid year became August, became Oct, became Nov, became Dec… Won’t be surprise to see Jan, Feb, March blah blah blah… If you can’t commit, don’t promise.

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