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The Chinese company xiaomi has been a manufacturer and dealer of the smart phone xiaomi since five years now and has been doing extremely well in the market with the models. The mi series of the Xiaomi company has been fascinating a lot of users and now the news of the release of Xiaomi Mi5 have made the consumers excited about the new specification and various features that the new model will hold. Some of the specifications that the new Xiaomi Mi5 would be featured with- includes a very sleek model that would be approx. 5.1mm thick and the screen size is expected to be 5.3 inches with a high resolution display.

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The battery of the Xiaomi Mi5 would be long lasting and the battery would also be featured with a quick recharge which is expected to get recharged up to 605 in just half an hour. The Xiaomi Mi5 would not allow its user to enter an external memory card or an SD card in the phone as there would be no SD card slot. The internal memory is the only place that would store the data of the phone. The available sizes of the internal memory would have two variations- 16 GB memory and 64 GB memory and the price of the phone would depend upon the memory size that the buyer chooses.

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Some other features that the Xiaomi Mi5 would have are the androids operating system off version 5.1.1 and of course the snapdragon 820 chip designed by Qualcomm. The phone would respond on multi- touch and would also possess 3- dimensional touch technology. Xiaomi Mi5 would include in ultrasound sensor that would sense finger print lock- unlock which would keep the phone secured from being misused, accelerometer, compass and would allow the use of two sim cards simultaneously with dual SIM slots. The primary camera of the phone would be of 16MP and the front camera would be of 8 mega- pixels.

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