What do you expect from Xiaomi Mi6 ?

Xiaomi Mi5 is released and Xiaomi Mi6 is the next up to release. The previous phone has made this flagship to be the most awaited in the mobile phone industry. Fans wait for this desperately all across the year. Each technology fan out there is waiting eagerly for the Xiaomi Mi6. We earlier heard rumours about Xiaomi working on the Mi5 even before they announced the Mi4, so its wise to assume that work on Xiaomi Mi6 has also began since Mi5 released long back. Xiaomi has always been known for flowing in great specs in a very beautifully built budget phone, Xiaomi Mi6 will be no different in that aspect but will reach some new levels of advanced engineering. Other mobile manufacturing companies like OnePlus, Oppo, Meizu, Huawai  and a few other are not doing bad in terms of keeping the budget and specs ratio good for buyers. If Xiaomi has to be a leader in the coming times, they surely would need to do something different before somebody else becomes so strong to take a good market share from Xiaomi. Xiaomi today is the 3rd larger manufacturer of mobile phones in the world after Samsung and Apple respectively. Samsung is continuously loosing market share with the release of cheaper Android phones like Xiaomi Mi4 and OnePlus One.

What is Xiaomi trying different for Xiaomi Mi6 ?

Just pumping up the specs will soon be out fashioned. With so much power pumped-up in the phones, at some point it will become senseless for users to simply upgrade and spend money for the similar phone with just a bit of upgrade in specs which in most cases is not even required by the user.

Xiaomi mi6

Some more interesting features need to be introduced for a phone to make a bang. Lets have a look at few of the possibilities:

Enhanced Touch ID

For all those who have used this technology on their phones, it feels like its not quiet ready to be server. A second of delay becomes annoying at times and for the cases when it doesn’t recognize,  we just loose it. How hard would it be to make it fast ? The feeling should be as fast as just clicking something.

Retina Scanner

With easy scanners available in the market that have been proven to be working great. We think it would be a great idea to enhance a phone security with a retina scanner. Today most of our confidential information will be available to somebody who get an access to the phone. So more security features would be a great idea.

Heart Beat Scanner

This piece of technology is working fine if we talk about the fitness gears. But none has implemented it in a usable sense of a phone. A phone would need a bit of tweak to make it work perfect for a phone. Lets see if Xiaomi does that first.

Unbreakable Screen

With such great unbreakable plastics in the market, it is very much possible for the mobile manufacturers also to use one of those plastics for the body. And then about the screen, there already are phone companies trying their hands on that but haven’t really come up with final solution. With all that we got from Xiaomi, our hopes from them for Xiaomi Mi6 are high on this front as well.

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date

Xiaomi Mi6 release date in Malaysia: March 23, 2017

Xiaomi Mi6 release date in Indonesia: March 26, 2017

Xiaomi Mi6 release date in Thailand: March 28, 2017

Xiaomi Mi6 release date in China: March 24, 2017

Xiaomi Mi6 release date in Singapore: March 26, 2017

Xiaomi Mi6 release date in Germany: April 28, 2017

Xiaomi Mi6 release date in UK: April 28, 2017

Xiaomi Mi6 release date in Spain: March 08, 2017

Xiaomi Mi6 release date in India: March 24, 2017

Xiaomi Mi6 release date in US: April 24, 2017

Xiaomi Mi6 Price

Xiaomi Mi6 price in UK : 300£

Xiaomi Mi6 price in Russia: 18000 Ruble

Xiaomi Mi6 price in China: 2050 Yuan

Xiaomi Mi6 price in India : 28,000 Rs

Xiaomi Mi6 price in HongKong: 2900 HKD

Xiaomi Mi6 price in US : $400

Xiaomi Mi6 price in Singapore: 490 Singapore Dollar

Xiaomi Mi6 price in Indonesia: 3987000 Indonesian Rupiah

Xiaomi Mi6 price in Malaysia: 1600 MYR

21 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi6

  1. No point talking about Mi6 when Mi5 can’t even be available in my/sg/in market, after so much talk, talk,,…Just buy any other phone la……

  2. This phone looks great, feels great and has the spec list to match – with a price that’s hard to believe. Sadly, it looks like distribution will be limited, but we can hope…

  3. how much more do i need to wait for mi5?
    i badly need a new phone..
    my recent phone is all set to be thrown in the dustbin

  4. excellent awesome anything saying about this phone is small.i think when i come out of box it will on the hand . my dream phone please launch this phone faster then faster

  5. I want this mobile mi 6 or mi 5 and mi 5 plus. So plez do let me know the price and the procedure to get it at the earliest .

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